SLR 30

Meet the SLR 30, armed with a robust 160W Bifacial Solar Panel, capable of providing an impressive 30,000 lumens of brilliant lighting. It incorporates a PTC auto-heating system for peak performance, boasts a generous 1560Wh battery capacity, and is fortified with anti-bird spikes for added protection. Designed as the ultimate off-grid lighting solution for sports stadiums, it can also be equipped with a motion sensor if needed.

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Introducing the SLR 30, equipped with a powerful 160W Bifacial Solar Panel and capable of delivering up to 30,000 lumens of radiant lighting power. It features a PTC auto-heating system, ensuring optimal performance. With a substantial 1560Wh battery capacity and anti-bird spikes for protection, this is the ultimate off-grid lighting solution for sports stadiums.