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About Us

About HCI

We make public spaces safe in poor visibility,  Founded in 1986, we provide both the industrial and commercial sectors with a wide range of heritage-style and contemporary lighting and site improvement products. Our large-scale projects have resulted in thousands of installations in some of the most prestigious areas in North America. And unlike our competitors, we customize. We have our own foundry and casting plant that has been operating since 1993, allowing us to practice the Sand casting which is one of the more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes! and at Heritage Castings & Ironworks, we are conscious of the impact that sand casting can have on the planet. We invent new designs in tight timelines and produce highly customized products. Most lighting companies just buy from overseas and then go to machine molding, which doesn’t allow you any flexibility at all in design. Distinguish yourself with a highly distinguished and quality product!

Our History

Founded in 1986, In 1993, we expanded upon our manufacturing potential by opening up our own, separate sand-casting plant. This enabled us to vastly increase the variety of products could make while, also, adding the capability of manufacturing custom designs from scratch. If you’re looking to experiment with novel designs, or need to innovate with a new product, we’ve got the skills and resources necessary to help you create prototypes that matches your vision; manufacturing your custom products when you’ve satisfied with the design. We also have the tools for 3D engineering and printing of custom designs, all while maintaining our own manufacturing locally – making HCI your one-stop-shop for any of your innovative projects. We believe in constantly improving and innovating, working closely with our clients to develop the products that match their visions.

At HCI, we strive to keep ahead of the competition in all our endeavours. We look forward to continuing a bright future of innovating and adapting with the times while providing our customers with timeless, quality products that meet environmental sustainability standards

Our Products

Our light fixtures are gorgeous and evoke Victorian times, functioning as replicas from hundreds of years ago. Not only do they bring character and style to any street, they are also energy efficient with LED bulbs coming in all colors. This Canadian custom product makes streets safer and will stand up under harsh weather conditions for years. Other products we manufacture include poles, arms, bollards, street signs, benches, litter and recycling containers, planters, bike racks, tree guard and grates. All standard products can be modified or custom designed from scratch, so whatever your vision is, we can bring that into reality. What is more, with 3D parametric design software we can render realistic images of new or existing designs. Our products are used by both municipalities and developers

Our Difference

We welcome small scale projects. We do 3D printing and engineering and maintain our own manufacturing locally. We can design a prototype for potential customers and quickly come up with new designs to meet a client’s vision, something other companies don’t do as it is extremely labor intensive and the skills are lost. We work closely with our clients in defining and designing new products. Our reputation is one of providing solutions people haven’t been able to find elsewhere.


In today’s hectic world, reliable, on-time delivery is more important than ever before. We understand and appreciate the importance of critical project deadlines and that the needs of our clients can change with short notice. We aim to accommodate the evolving requirements of our clients, including rush-deliveries on demand while maintaining the integrity of our products.


All steps in the manufacturing process are carefully monitored to achieve the excellent quality you expect in a durable, specification-grade product. This hands-on management results in tremendous flexibility and full control over every aspect of the manufacturing process.


We offer highly customized products. All of our standard products can be modified while also able to create custom designs from scratch – quickly and competitively, bringing your concepts to life. And with 3D parametric design software, we can render realistic images of new or existing designs.


Our professional approach to business has resulted in thousands of installations in some of the most prestigious locations throughout North America. We have proudly completed large-scale projects with both lighting and site-improvement products for our clients. Please refer to our gallery for examples of the work we have done

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