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About Us

About HCI

HCI Lighting provides solutions that make physical spaces like schools, shopping malls, outdoor venues, convention sites, hotels, restaurants, and concert halls safe and usable in conditions of poor visibility. We do this by Offering reliable, cost-effective products that bring innovative solutions for the challenges facing our customers. HCI make steel reinforced bollards around sidewalks, parks and in front of buildings and store entrances to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering or idling too close to buildings. Our Bollards are beautiful and custom made to preserve the welcoming atmosphere of the space.

HCI products can incorporate public safety considerations into architectural and landscaping design – Our Products can feature a multitude of security features that blend into the friendly architecture and landscaping of your space. 

Our History

Founded in 1986, HCI is proudly Canadian, and we compete with the best companies around the world, keeping up-to-date on the latest advances in technology while delivering products that are well-crafted and beautifully designed. At HCI, we do our utmost to keep on the cutting-edge of innovation. Our products, services and company are all streamlined with the latest technologies and sustainable practices – and we aim to keep it that way. 

In 1993, we expanded upon our manufacturing potential by opening up our own, separate sand-casting plant. This enabled us to vastly increase the variety of products could make while, also, adding the capability of manufacturing custom designs from scratch. If you’re looking to experiment with novel designs, or need to innovate with a new product, we’ve got the skills and resources necessary to help you create prototypes that matches your vision; manufacturing your custom products when you’ve satisfied with the design.

Our Products

At HCI, we strive to keep ahead of the competition in all our endeavours. We look forward to continuing a bright future of innovating and adapting with the times while providing our customers with timeless, quality products that meet environmental sustainability standards.

Our light fixtures are gorgeous and evoke Victorian times, functioning as replicas from hundreds of years ago. Not only do they bring character and style to any street, but they are also energy efficient with LED bulbs coming in all colors. This Canadian custom product makes your space safer and will stand up under harsh weather conditions for years. Other products we manufacture include poles, arms, bollards, street signs, benches, litter and recycling containers, planters, bike racks, tree guards and grates. All standard products can be modified, or custom designed from scratch, so whatever your vision is, we can bring it to reality. With 3D parametric design software, we can render realistic images of new or existing designs. Our products are used by both municipalities and developers.

Our Difference

We welcome small scale projects. We do 3D printing and engineering and maintain our own manufacturing locally. We can design a prototype for potential customers and quickly come up with new designs to meet a client’s vision, something other companies don’t do as it is extremely labor intensive and the skills are lost. We work closely with our clients in defining and designing new products. Our reputation is one of providing solutions people haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

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