SLR 10

Introducing the SLR 10, a standout Bifacial solar street light delivering 10,000 lumens of bright light. It features a sturdy 75W solar panel and 50W lighting power. With advanced PTC heating and a 720Wh battery lasting over 5 years or 2000 cycles, it excels in all weather. Equipped with motion sensing, replaceable battery, and anti-bird spikes, it’s a durable and efficient outdoor lighting solution.

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The SLR 10, a Bifacial solar street light that truly stands out with an impressive 10,000 lumens of radiant illumination. It features a robust 75W bifacial solar panel and a powerful 50W lighting capacity. With the inclusion of our advanced PTC auto heating system and a substantial 720Wh battery that can be recycled over 2000 times, or more than 5 years of reliable service, this luminaire ensures peak performance even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, it comes equipped with a motion sensor, a replaceable battery, and anti-bird spikes for added functionality and longevity. The SLR 10 is not just a lighting solution; it’s a testament to innovation, durability, and efficiency in the world of outdoor lighting.

SLR 10 Spec sheet