For over 40 years, HCI Lighting has been a trusted source for outdoor decorative lighting that stands the test of time. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every custom-made product that leaves our workshop.

Our lights aren’t just products; they’re crafted experiences. Each piece is made to order, ensuring it meets your unique needs. From concept to creation, we take pride in delivering stunning lights that illuminate your streets and leave a lasting impression.

Before our lights find their way to you, they undergo a rigorous five-step testing process. It’s our way of ensuring that you receive nothing but the best:

Electrical Safety

Safety first. Our lights are subjected to comprehensive electrical testing, ensuring they meet and exceed industry safety standards. We prioritize the well-being of your community.

Paint Job ✅

Beauty that lasts. Our meticulous paint job involves multiple layers of high-quality paint, not only adding elegance to the design but also providing a protective barrier against extreme weather and environmental wear and tear. This ensures that your lights retain their aesthetic appeal for years to come.


Enduring the elements. Our lights undergo a thorough waterproofing process, including advanced sealing techniques and quality materials. This guarantees their resilience in all weather conditions, making them suitable for any outdoor environment.


Illuminate with brilliance. Our lights undergo extensive brightness testing to ensure they emit the perfect amount of light for your space. We consider factors like light distribution and color temperature, guaranteeing optimal visibility and ambiance. Our LEDs are programmed in-house, allowing us to generate the precise lumens that match your preferences.


Ensuring seamless operation is our commitment. We rigorously test every component for functionality, from the power source to the wiring. This guarantees that your lights not only boast a stunning appearance but also function seamlessly, delivering a hassle-free lighting experience.

At HCI Lighting, we believe in keeping up with the latest technology while preserving traditional manufacturing methods. This dual approach allows us to create custom products efficiently, maintaining the highest quality and sustainability standards. Simultaneously, we ensure the preservation of centuries-old production methods, keeping their legacy alive in our work.

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