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Finials FA, FC and FD are made of cast aluminum and are painted to match the color of the xture, unless otherwise specied or requested.

Finial FB is made of plastic and comes in black only.

Finials FA and FD come in three different sizes, with appropriate size for a xture determined by the factory.

  • Pulse start metal halide lamp
  • Class 180O(H) 60Hz CWA
  • UL temperature ratings

The ower basket brackets shall consist of a round steel tube and a removable cast aluminum end. They are designed to t both uted and sooth poles.



The ower basket bracket shall  be welded to a post clamp, which will t to the post. The end caps shall be made of copper-free cast aluminum. The banner arms shall be standard 1” OD steel tube. All hardware shall be stainless steel.

The clamp-on ower basket bracket shall clamp around the post with 5/16” hex head bolts.


EPA Considerations

Adding the flower basket bracket greatly increases loads affecting the pole. Care should be exercised that the total EPA of accessories does not exceed the EPA rating for the pole for your project.

Category: Receptacles

Single, double and GFI receptacles are available with weatherproof covers.



These are pre-installed in the pole by the factory, but are to be wired by the contractor, unless HCI is requested to pre-wire the pole. Receptacles are usually located 6” to center from the top of the pole.

For other locations please consult factory.