The banner arms shall consist of a round, aluminum or steel tube and a removable cast aluminum end. Bottom eyebolts and banner arms with break away couplings are optional.

The banner arm shall  be welded to a post clamp or shall bolt onto a mounting adaptor, which will fit to the post. The end caps and post adaptor shall be made of copper-free cast aluminum. The banner arms shall be standard 1” OD steel tube or 1-1/2” OD aluminum tube.

All hardware shall be stainless steel.



The clamp-on banner arm shall clamp around the post with 5/16” hex head bolts. The bolt-on banner arm shall use a threaded rod inserted to the oposite side of the pole through 3/4” holes or shall bolt onto the adaptor permanently attached to the post.


EPA Considerations

Adding banner arms greatly increases loads affecting the pole. Care should be exercised that the total EPA of banner arms, fixtures, cross arms and other accessories does not exceed the EPA rating for the pole for your project.

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